27th Annual National Symposium on Family Issues - Families and Food

Families and Food

Families play a crucial role in their members’ eating behaviors and orientations toward food. For example, responsive parenting practices can promote the development of healthful eating behaviors, and the social and emotional climate of mealtimes can serve as a context for promoting healthful behaviors around food. At the national level, overweight and obesity have reached epidemic levels, and low-income and minority families bear a disproportionate burden. Yet, there is a paradoxical relation between obesity and food insecurity: many low-income communities with high rates of obesity are also considered food deserts ─ with little or no access to fresh produce and nutrient-dense foods. Speakers will discuss the latest research on the role of family in food access, diet, and health as well as policies and programs aimed reducing food insecurity and promoting healthful eating.  Registration and more information.