Congressional briefing: “The Real Dangers of Conflating Opioid Dependence with Addiction”

The Congressional Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Caucus (co-sponsored by Sensenbrenner and Ryan) along with the National Prevention Science Coalition (NPSC) are hosting an important and timely congressional briefing on “The Real Dangers of Conflating Opioid Dependence with Addiction” on November 19th in the CVC from 1:30-3:30.  The briefing focuses on the significant policy implications of the fundamental difference between drug dependence and addiction.  Millions of people who rely on opioid medications for pain management are affected by blanket policies that do not consider this distinction.  For example, studies show that only a fraction of a percentage of opioid overdoses are associated with legitimate prescription use.  Limiting access for patients—including our vets, ex-athletes, cancer patients and other pain sufferers—are leading to a dramatic increase in suicides, loss of employment, inability to care for family, and severe depression.  The briefing announcement (click above) describes the agenda.

In addition to legislative members, national experts will provide testimony, including

  • Dr. Nora Volkow (NIDA/NIH Director) will be the keynote speaker,
  • Dr. Sue Glod (Penn State Hershey Medical School),
  • Dr. Brendan Saloner (Johns Hopkins University),
  • Dr. Phillip Graham (RTI International), and
  • A patient/scientist who is dependent on opioids for legitimate pain relief due to a back injury will provide a personal perspective.

We invite our affiliates and ask that you share with your networks.  Registration is required since space is quickly filling up.