Lecture: "Parenting Skills and Child Development: The Importance of Positive Parenting and the Future of Skill-based Approaches to Parenting Intervention"

Beth Stormshak, Ph.D., Director of Prevention Science Institute at the University of Oregon

photo of Beth Stormshak

Beth Stormshak, Ph.D.


Many parenting interventions include a construct called “positive parenting.”  What is positive parenting and why is this construct central to family and parenting skill interventions?  This will be a discussion-oriented presentation that will focus on the core components of positive parenting, interventions that have demonstrated effects on positive parenting, and implications for large-scale community dissemination across different cultures and contexts.

About the Presenter

Dr. Beth Stormshak is the Department Head of the Counseling Psychology and Human Services department in the College of Education. Dr. Stormshak's research focuses on understanding risk factors in early and middle childhood associated with the development of problem behavior in late adolescence, including substance use and delinquency. Her primary research focus includes testing the efficacy of family-centered interventions, such as the Family Check-Up, that reduce the later risk of problem behavior. She also studies the process of dissemination of evidence-based interventions into real-world community settings and has developed an online version of the Family Check-Up for wide-scale dissemination. She has worked collaboratively with a variety of service providers, including elementary and middle schools in the state of Oregon as well as community mental health agencies.