Symposium: "PRC Researchers Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic" (Part 3)

Facilitator: Ashley Linden-Carmichael, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor of Health and Human Development

  • Tuesday February 23, 2021 from 12:00 pm–1:00 pm
  • Zoom URL:

PRC researchers will discuss their projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Meg Small, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor of Health and Human Development; PRC Director of Social Innovation

John Dziak, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor of Health and Human Development

Sarah Chilenski, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate; Associate Research Professor of Health and Human Development

The Data4Action Study: An Interdisciplinary Research Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in a University Community

Presenters: Dr. Meg Small and Dr. John Dziak

What is the Data4Action (D4A) study and how can it be used to advance prevention science? In March 2020 the university launched the D4A initiative to collect biomarker and social and behavioral data from community members and returning PSU students during the fall (2020) and spring (2021) semesters. The study sought to provide data across a broad set of domains and rapidly communicate findings to inform policy and practice. This presentation will provide an overview of the study's design, methods, and initial findings. Plans for future research and collaborative opportunities will also be discussed. 

Tracking COVID-19 in a Multi-community Study: Understanding the Context and Potential Implications for Community Prevention Research Activities

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Chilenski

Dissemination and implementation is one line of strong research within our Prevention Research Center. What happens, then, when a worldwide pandemic occurs and halts all community dissemination and implementation activities?  What is the best course of action for community leaders and implementers?  What is the role of research and evaluation partners? This presentation will explore these questions in the context of a community engaged applied prevention research project that is currently occurring in multiple communities across the United States. It will close with some lessons learned and recommendations for applying this work / continuing this work into the future.