Webinar: "Where’s the Science? Increasing the Use of Research in Policymaking"

Max Crowley, Associate Professor, HDFS; Director, Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative

Does research from the Ivory Tower of academia ever reach the real world and impact our daily lives? Max Crowley’s Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative team can say yes to this question, as they’ve worked to increase the use of scientific knowledge in policymaking that impacts children and families in the United States.

Hear from Crowley about his team’s experiences bringing research to legislatures across the country, and how those connections have made a positive impact. You’ll leave this webinar with a greater understanding of what HHD is doing to support the use of science in policymaking that impacts you.

Max is an Edna P. Bennett Faculty Fellow in Prevention Research in Human Development and Family Studies, director of the Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative, and associate professor of human development and family studies.