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July 03, 2020

FIRSt Database connects Penn State Researchers to families with children

Funded by the Child Study Center and the Social Science Research Institute, the Families Interested In Research Studies (FIRSt) database is a resource available to Penn State researchers containing publicly available information (contact information and dates of birth) on families in the central PA region. Currently, the database lists more than 5,660 families and 7,500+ infants and children up to age 18.

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Compassion Tree

June 22, 2020

'Human Flourishing' course to support students during challenging times

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — University students and educators alike are grappling with turbulent times, and Penn State’s 3-credit general education course on the “Art and Science of Human Flourishing” (HDFS 108N) is being fine-tuned to guide students in how to engage in compassionate dialogue about racism, COVID-19 and our social responsibilities to each other.

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June 19, 2020

Remembering Cleve Redmond, friend and colleague

Cleve Robert Redmond passed away on May 31 from a biking accident in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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June 10, 2020

Bridging Research and Policy During a Pandemic: Adjusting social science’s policy strategies in response to COVID-19

From a blog post written by Taylor Scott and Cagla Giray for the COVID-19 "Expert Insights" blog hosted by the Social Science Research Institute at Penn State.

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June 02, 2020

EPIS at Penn State supports implementation of Incredible Years® programs throughout PA

Since 2008, EPIS at Penn State has been providing technical assistance to schools and organizations implementing Incredible Years® programs across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PA). This includes:

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