Prevention Matters podcast features influential researchers, practitioners, and policymakers

Prevention Matters podcast by the National Prevention Science Coalition

To further extend the reach and impact of prevention science, The National Prevention Science Coalition (NPSC) has launched an exciting new podcast, Prevention Matters.

Join host Professor Robert LaChausse of California Baptist University as he interviews influential researchers, practitioners, and policymakers working in the field of prevention science. Each episode contains engaging conversations with powerful information to help listeners stay abreast of the field, connect with people doing important prevention work, and hear tips for improving their work and navigating the policy-making process.

The first podcast episode features NPSC Co-Director and Penn State Research Professor Diana Fishbein, who shares how her experiences growing up in and around Washington, D.C. laid the foundation for a career in prevention, the challenges working in the field, how the NPSC is helping practitioners and researchers navigate the policy-making process, and what job she would never want to do. 

Episode two features Donna Shalala, former congresswomen and US Secretary of Health and Human Services. She shares how her background in the Peace Corps prepared her for a career in public service, why prevention continues to take a backseat to healthcare, how to best communicate prevention information to policymakers, and what to do if you’re ever invited to the White House. 

The NPSC is the premiere professional association dedicated to translating scientific knowledge into effective and sustainable programs and policies to enhance the well-being of children, families and communities. The organization is comprised of scientists, educators, practitioners, clinicians, and policymakers. To get involved with the NPSC, visit the NPSC website.