[VIDEO]: Strategies for promoting youth resilience and mental health

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On June 16, the PROSPER leadership team hosted a public webinar that covered ways to build strength and resilience in youth in these challenging times. You can view the video and PowerPoint presentations below.

Mental Wellness and Youth

With Denise Continenza, M.Ed. & Matthew Crutchman, MSW, Penn State Extension

Learn techniques for listening to youth and responding non-judgmentally. In doing so, we can empower youth to act and build resilience.

View the presentation slides -- Mental Wellness and Youth (PDF)

View the video -- Mental Wellness and Youth

Thrive Parent-Education Programming

With Terri L. Rudy, MPA & Ryan P. Chesnut, Ph.D., Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness

The THRIVE online training modules promote positive parenting practices, parent and child stress management, and children's physical health. The developers have also created a module for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

Overview of the Thrive parenting education models

The THRIVE programs were developed through a comprehensive review of the parent program research literature. This review revealed common components of effective parent programs, from which the THRIVE parent programs were built. The THRIVE programs are currently evidence-informed and undergoing initial research to build the THRIVE evidence base.

View the presentation slides -- Thrive Parent-Education Programming (PDF) 

View the video -- Thrive Parent-Education Programming

Updates on PROSPER

Since 2002, PROSPER has proven to reduce youth opioid use, build stronger families, and save communities money. PROSPER connects school districts, local agencies, youth, parents, and Penn State to work toward the common mission of youth resiliency and substance use prevention.

The PROSPER leadership team would like to thank everyone who has served their community through their work with PROSPER. 

View the PowerPoint -- PROSPER Update and Acknowledgements

View the video -- PROSPER Update and Acknowledgements

Each year, the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center and Penn State Extension hold a statewide conference to bring together its PROSPER teams to share successes and evidence-based practices promoting the well-being of Pennsylvania's youth. For more information, contact prevention@psu.edu.

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