Headshot of Sunhye Bai

Sunhye Bai

Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies; Karl R. and Diane Wendle Fink Early Career Professor for the Study of Families



Sunhye Bai's research broadly focuses on adolescent development in the context of daily family and school life. This work integrates human development, family studies and clinical and health research. Specifically, she studies how youth's day-to-day experiences impact their mental health, including depressive and anxiety symptoms. These “day-to-day experiences” encompass ups and downs in emotions, sleep, health behaviors, and social interactions. In addition to studying daily stress processes at home and at school, she is very interested in identifying innovative strategies to enhance parent-child interactions and increase family strengths to promote health in adolescents. Her research relies heavily on naturalistic measures of youth and family functioning – both objective and subjective – including daily diaries, passive audio/videorecordings, and actigraphy.

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