Headshot of Renee Cloutier

Renee Cloutier

PAMT Post-doctoral Fellow

320 Biobehavioral Health Building


Renee Cloutier's research focuses on understanding individual, social, and developmental factors related to substance use among adolescents and emerging adults. Using a combination of novel experimental/laboratory based and longitudinal methodologies, she examines predictors of momentary (e.g., craving), short-term (e.g., motives), and long-term (e.g., initiation) substance use outcomes, with a particular emphasis on stress/anxiety and peers. Her primary collaborators are Ashley Linden-Carmichael and Stephanie Lanza.


Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2019 (Experimental Psychology/Behavioral Science)
M.S., University of North Texas, 2016 (Psychology)
B.A., SUNY Potsdam, 2013 (Psychology)  

The Prevention and Methodology Training (PAMT) program, funded by a T32 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, trains pre-and post-doctoral researchers in the integration of prevention science and statistical methodology for the behavioral sciences