Headshot of Joche Gayles

Joche Gayles

Evaluation Analyst, EPIS; Assistant Research Professor

Biography & Projects

Joche's research and applied interests include the following:

1. Substantive: Broad focus on adolescent health and wellness in developmental and ecological contexts via: 1) identifying correlates and the longitudinal course of positive and negative functioning among adolescents; 2) the examining the role of culture, family and neighborhood contexts in youth risk behaviors; and 3) investigating physiological, behavioral and psychological correlates/indices of adolescent well-being.

2. Methodological: Focus on advanced modeling for examining complex and dynamic processes across developmental and real time, within multiple contexts.

3. Practical: Implementation and evaluation of family- and youth-centered prevention programs targeting adolescent health and well-being. Impact of translational research, bridging practice and policy to evidence-based research, for the promotion of youth and family well-being.

Current Projects