Headshot of Charles Geier

Charles Geier

Associate Professor, HDFS

229 HHD Building


Charles's research aims to characterize developmental changes in basic affective and cognitive brain mechanisms that underlie these components of decision-making in adolescence. In particular, he is interested in understanding brain systems that mediate anticipatory and consummatory (outcome) responses to incentives (rewards, losses) and how these relate to the development of cognitive control, including inhibitory control and working memory. He also is keenly interested in how risky behaviors, such as cigarette smoking, might be more rewarding to adolescents than adults and how this, in combination with limitations in cognitive control, might lead to initial experimentation with the drug and dependence. The conceptual model that guides much of his research is that it is the interaction between incentive (reward, punishment) processing and basic cognitive control abilities, both of which are still maturing in adolescence, that sets the stage for suboptimal decision making and risk taking, including substance use.

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