Headshot of Miglena Ivanova

Miglena Ivanova

PAMT Predoctoral Fellow


Miglena Ivanova is a third-year doctoral student in developmental psychology and a Prevention and Methodology Training (PAMT) predoctoral fellow, working with her primary mentors Rina Eiden, professor of psychology, and Ashley Linden-Carmichael, associate research professor of health and human development; and with her secondary advisors Jenae Neiderhiser, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies, and Qiushi Chen, assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering. Her research interests center on the understanding of differential pathways via which early risk and protective factors predict childhood codeveloping internalizing and externalizing behavior problem trajectories and subsequent unique patterns of adolescent substance use and psychological disorders.

"My long-term goal is to translate my research into developing individualized evidence-based prevention techniques and early interventions."

Miglena is interested in integrating advanced quantitative methodologies, namely latent class growth modeling and machine learning, to explore her research interests. Her long-term goal is to translate her research into developing individualized evidence-based prevention techniques and early interventions.

Originally from Bulgaria, she received her B.S. degrees in Psychology and in Psychiatric Rehabilitation from Montana State University Billings in 2019, graduating as an Honors Scholar and the 2019 University Golden Merit Award Recipient.

About PAMT

The Prevention and Methodology Training (PAMT) program, funded by a T32 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, trains predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the integration of prevention science and statistical methodology for the behavioral sciences.