Headshot of Laura Jana

Laura Jana

PRC Adjunct Faculty


Laura Jana is a pediatrician, health communicator, and author who is passionate about the use of prevention in improving the lives of children in the U.S. and around the world. Laura is an adjunct faculty member of the PRC and key collaborator, helping to translate prevention science and its importance in child development to educators, business, policy makers and the public. She promotes prevention as a powerful, cost-effective, and broadly accessible way to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.

Laura’s areas of interest include children’s health, education and wellbeing; early brain and child development; social impact interventions and financing; Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); 21st-century skill development; and health and educational technology innovation. An award-winning author, she addresses many of these issues in her latest book, The Toddler Brain: Nurture the Skills Today That Will Shape Your Child’s Tomorrow, which features the research of several of her PRC colleagues. Laura has a Can Do! Award and a 40 Under 40 Business Award, and is a blogger for US News and World Report.

Laura co-founded one of the first national health and parenting websites, the Dr. Spock Company, in the late 1990s, after collaborating with world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Benjamin Spock. Laura also contributed to the launch of the national Text4Baby campaign, the country’s first mobile platform to provide free access to gold standard, anticipatory maternal health information related to pregnancy and the first year of life. As a member of the MIT Media Lab’s Emerging Worlds: Innovating for Billions team, she has served as a strategic consultant and mentor for global health technology innovation in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Nashik, India. She has also spent ten years as the owner of a 200-student educational childcare center, and served five years on the Global Hygiene Council, promoting global health and hygiene with a focus on handwashing.

Laura’s favorite part about working with the Center is the quality and cross-collaborative nature of her colleagues. When not working, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling and photography.

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