Headshot of Claudia Mincemoyer

Claudia Mincemoyer

Professor Emerita of Agricultural and Extension Education and Prior Director, Penn State Better Kid Care Program

104 Ferguson

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Introduction & Projects

Claudia Mincemoyer started working at the Center through her involvement with the PROSPER program in 2000. In the past 18 years, she has also worked on key projects such as Better Kid Care, REDI-BKC, and Child and Youth Training Technical Assistance Program. During her time here, Claudia has authored 27 peer-reviewed journal articles and recently received the Priester National Extension Health Outreach Award for Innovative Programming.

At the Center, Claudia focuses her research on early childhood development, education and training of early education workforce, childhood obesity prevention, and youth development and resiliency. Claudia has become particularly passionate about evidence-informed strategies to increase the quality of care for children and youth in education and care centers. Claudia earned her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Extension Education from Penn State. She currently serves as the director of Penn State’s Better Kid Care Program and is a professor of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education. In her free time, Claudia can be found vacationing with friends and family, or making quilts. 

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