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Jacqueline Mogle

Associate Research Professor

320D Biobehavioral Health Building

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Introduction & Projects

Jacqueline Mogle is co-director of RemindLab, which focuses on promoting health and well-being in older adults and identifying early indicators of changes in psychological and cognitive health associated with normative and non-normative aging. Dr. Mogle’s current projects examine psychological and behavioral risk factors associated with the development of early cognitive decline. These projects are designed to uncover early intervention targets for older adults prior to precipitous declines in everyday cognitive functioning. 

A second line of research involves assessing performance-based and self-reported cognition at the daily level using daily diaries. Using innovative methodological techniques, her ultimate goal is the development of measurement tools that will allow providers to direct older adults to tailored interventions that are the best fit based on the unique risk profile of the individual.

Prevention-related Projects

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