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Justin Rist

PAMT Predoctoral Fellow

Pronouns: He/Him

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Justin Rist is a doctoral candidate in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering with a dual title in Operations Research. His research focuses on increasing access to healthcare in underserved and rural communities through efficient usage of funding. Specifically, he is developing dynamic models to provide county-level guidance on effective usage of funds received for opioid-related prevention and rehabilitation.

Justin is mentored by Paul Griffin, Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Joel Segel, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Administration.


  • M.S., Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State
  • B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University

About PAMT

The Prevention and Methodology Training (PAMT) program, funded by a T32 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, trains predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the integration of prevention science and statistical methodology for the behavioral sciences.