Headshot of Sarah Ackerman

Sarah Ackerman

Senior Research Coordinator & Researcher

310D Biobehavioral Health Building


Sarah Ackerman has worked in the Prevention Research Center since August 2011 as a research coordinator in the PRO Health Lab, with particular focus in IRB submission/management, survey management, participant recruitment and data collection, serving as internal copy editor on manuscripts and grant submissions.

Recent Publications

What predicts willingness to experience negative consequences in college student drinkers?

Mallett, K. A., Turrisi, R., Reavy, R., Sell, N., Waldron, K. A., Scaglione, N., & Ackerman, S.D. (2022). Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 83(5), 704-711.

Evaluation of a brief dermatologist-delivered Intervention vs usual care on sun protection behavior

Mallett, K. A., Turrisi, R., Billingsley, E., Trager, B., Ackerman, S., Reavy, R., Robinson, J. K. (2018). Evaluation of a brief dermatologist-delivered Intervention vs usual care on sun protection behavior. (2018). JAMA Dermatology, 154(9), 1010-1016.

Examining parent and peer influences of alcohol use: A comparison of first-year community college and baccalaureate students

Cleveland, M.J., Turrisi, R. Reavy, R., Ackerman, S., & Buxton, O. M. (2018). Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 62(2), 64-89.

A longitudinal examination of decisions to ride and decline rides with drinking drivers

Hultgren, B. A., Turrisi, R., Mallett, K. A, Ackerman, S., Larimer, M. E., McCarthy, D., & Romano, E. (2018). Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research, 42(9), 1748-1755.

An examination of heavy drinking, depressed mood, drinking related constructs, and consequences among high-risk college students using a person-centered approach

Geisner, I. M., Mallett, K., Varvil-Weld, L., Ackerman, S., Trager, M., & Turrisi, R. (2018). Addictive Behaviors, 78, 22-29.

Influence of quality of relationship between patient with melanoma and partner on partner-assisted skin examination education: A randomized clinical trial

Hultgren, B. A., Turrisi, R. J., Mallett, K. A., Ackerman, S. D., & Robinson, J. K. (2016). JAMA Dermatology, 152(2), 184-190.

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