Headshot of Roger Spaw

Roger Spaw

Evidence-based Practices Project Manager

212 Towers Building

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Introduction & Projects

Roger Spaw worked in the field of human services for nearly 30 years and began focusing on prevention research in the past six years. He is interested in the implementation of evidence-based programs and practices to help children and families and, particularly, how data collection and technology can support these programs.

Before working at the Prevention Research Center, Roger was a Data and Outcomes Manager at the Centre County Youth Service Bureau. Having worked in treatment practice for eight years, he realized that more work needed to be done for youth and families before the treatment process begins. Now, Roger works mainly on data collection through the use of technology and hopes to continue his work for years to come.

Roger’s key project at the PRC is EPIS, and his favorite part about his work there is the expertise of his colleagues, and the global impact that they are able to achieve collectively through this knowledge. When Roger is not working in prevention science, he spends time with his family, enjoys science fiction and cooking. 

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