Improving Assessment of Subjective Memory Impairment for Detecting Alzheimer's Disease

Duration: 2019 - 2023
Funding: National Institute on Aging
Principal Investigator: Jacqueline Mogle
Partners: Center for Healthy Aging, College of Nursing, Brooklyn College, Oregon State University

Elder man visiting his wife with Alzheimer's disease at the rest home


This project will examine characteristics of different types of daily memory problems, such as how often they occur -- and if they lead to negative consequences -- in order to determine which characteristics are the best predictors of future cognitive decline.  

We will determine:  

  1. whether some characteristics of memory problems are better indicators of future cognitive decline;
  2. whether the characteristics of memory problems depend on age or sex; and
  3. if the characteristics of memory problems that predict cognitive decline depend on age or sex.

The ultimate goal of the project is to inform the development of non-invasive Alzheimer’s Disease risk-screening tools and novel intervention targets.

Project Team